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Give voice to your idea!! With Buzzdial Programmable Voice API

Powerful Voice API Platform

Easy to setup, low on budget!!

Our APIs are easy to setup for any developer and we also provide a web interface to schedule manual voice campaigns.


This service can be used as a fallback to your existing SMS OTP service or just to wow your customers.

Because of a large number of voice channels available with us, your OTPs shall be delivered very quick and the customer will also have the option to repeat the message on the call.

Programmable Voice Call API
Programmable Voice Call API

Order Confirmation Voice API

You can get tailor-made IVR service to be broadcasted to your customers any time they do a transaction on your website/mobile application.

This not only gives a feeling of connectedness to the customers but also is very effective in gathering the customers' inputs in real time so that you can instantly get to know how your faculties are performing in the real-world.

Dynamic Voice API

While sending service reminder calls to your customers, you need dynamic values to be broadcasted to each customer like his/her payment date/amount, name etc.

We have got it covered for you as our state of the art text-to-speech engine can convert your written messages into audio streams in a matter of fraction of seconds. You can simply use our Dynamic API and send your message in text format, and our platform will call your customer and play your message in the choice of regional language.

Programmable Voice Call API
Programmable Voice Call API

Number Masking Voice API

If you are a service aggregator, then it becomes very important that your vendors' and customers' identities are hidden from each other for safety and privacy reasons. Using our platform, you can do just that and also have voice recordings of the conversations available to you at your finger tips. You can also cap the duration of conversation allowed, play your brand advertisement to the customers and many more.

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