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Voice Call Service For Media & Advertisement

Setup Voice API into your Application

Media & Advertisement

Buzzdial is a leading cloud communication service provider for business platforms. Media and Advertising agencies can engage their mass audience through voice broadcast.

Usage of Voice Call Service For Media & Advertisement

You can Integrate our Voice API into your application or CRM

Voice Call Broadcast

Send Your pre-recorded voice message to a large number of people instantly using Voice Call Broadcast. Political parties took advantage of the media and advertisement using voice broadcasting.

Audience Response

Take people's feedback with a missed call service. TV media and advertisement use the service more. Eg, if you are with us, please give us a missed call on the flashed number.

Usage of Voice Call Service media and advertisement

Voice Call Service

You can make voice campaigns more personalized & engaging. You can integrate Voice API into your CRM. It will send a Voice Call message that is more realistic for customers to know more about media campaigns. It makes good standard to promote your brand name.


Missed Call Service

You can keep a “To know more, just give us a missed call” Missed call will give you a number where you can send attractive advertisement campaign via Voice call service.

IVR Service

Automated Customer Support is always a bank of queries and managed by different departments. IVR will play a pre-recorded voice menu having a keypress option for every department.


Toll Free Number

Contact number itself makes a reputation for a firm. Toll free number starting 1800 boost brand recognition & grace. Contacting you must not have to be a thinkable issue for the customer. It should always be free for customers. Contacting you will never cost the customer anything.

Number Masking

Repeated conversations with customers and agents are common in the business process. Number masking is a protect measure to make sure the privacy of agent and customer data. Alternative to direct call, number masking allows a third party proxy phone number between agent and customer call.

IVR Service

Why Buzzdial

missed call service
Multi-Voice Services
Buzzdial is designed platform with the latest technology. We provide you with all the Cloud communication services i.e. Bulk Voice Call, Voice Broadcast, Voice API, IVR solutions, missed call, Voice OTP, Voice Message, number masking, etc.
Quick Set up
Grow your business without barriers on a platform that makes use of smart technology. Set up your voice services in 5 minutes. We do tailored services as Needed for the business platform.
Get CRM Integration
All leading CRMs are supported. Using a set of communication APIs, Webhooks, Zapier, etc. Platforms allow developers to quickly and easily integrate voice and calling features into their applications.
Customized Voice Services
Different business sectors have different voice call solution requirements. We provide custom voice solutions adapted to your business.
Generating sales leads
Engage your lead-making process with Automated voice services, voice campaigns and voice broadcast. Boot your business sales with different approaches to voice call service according to requirement.
24x7 Support
To serve businesses better, we offer 24x7 support. We provide real time problem solving with customer team and developer team for technical solutions

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