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Bulk voice call campaign : Voice SMS strategy for expanding your business. Speak directly to your audience.

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Lead Generation :
Generate verified and genuine leads with voice SMS.

Brand Awareness :
Direct voice calls make People Aware about your Brand by a simple Voice Broadcast.

Voice blast with Keypress Campaigns:
Use Keypress features as per your customized business needs.

Customize Voice :
Customize your Voice message for sending Payment Reminders, Wishes etc.

Political voice broadcasting:
Send Effective Political Campaigns for Vote Appeal, Greetings, Awareness Messages etc.

Engagement :
Engage Leads by Sending automated SMS at Multiple Events like Voice Success, Failure, Call Duration.

Text to Speech :
Text to Speech now available in Multiple Local Languages.

Enterprise voice call Platform:
High Volume Voice Platform to meet Enterprise Requirement.

Bulk voice call service / Voice SMS

Buzzdial's bulk voice call service is a way to send pre-recorded voice SMS to mobiles and landlines across the country. It offers the most pervasive reach to customers, allowing you to send pre-recorded messages to thousands of numbers.

The Bulk Voice Call Service provider Buzzdial ensures successful call delivery in as short a time as possible. You can send voice SMS broadcasts to send announcements, alerts, and reminders, as a way to run a campaign on social media, promote business or marketing campaigns, or update customers about new products and services.

Bulk Voice Call capabilities

  • Send your voice message instantly.
  • Add a human-like sound to your voice using Text-to-speech.
  • Voice keypress response campaigns. The Keypress report will be available immediately.
  • Real-time reporting to measure the response to the campaign.
  • Time Scheduling of Voice campaigns.
  • You only pay when calls are successfully connected.

Automated Key Press response with Bulk Voice Call!!


Start your bulk voice call campaign with the keypress enabled feature.

A pre recorded voice SMS will target the customer. Speak all the business information on call recording. In the last you can keep “please press any key to know more”.

All the keypress numbers will be reflected into live reports. These numbers will be high quality call back leads.

Highly effective in political campaigns to know the virtual vote numbers.

New Product launch voice campaign campaigns.

Reality show/concert vote polling.

Customer interest surveys, etc.

Easy to set up & use voice call service!!

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Bulk Voice Calls

Buzzdial helps you reach your target audience using bulk voice call in the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way. We enable you to call mobile phones and landlines anywhere within India.

These bulk voice call solutions are most often used for community alerts, notifications, and for business and promotional purposes.

Voice SMS calls can be used for other purposes as well, like political campaigns, customer surveys, mobile marketing, meeting alerts, wake up calls, stock alerts, EMI alerts, medicine reminders and so on.

Easy To Contact with Your Customer

Bulk Voice Call services allow mobile marketers to reach out to their clients with an automated, pre-recorded, and on-point business message over integrated voice call applications.

Using technological developments in cloud telephony, voice calls can be sent to the entire target audience with a single click, making the process hassle-free for the business. Voice call SMS is the most effective promotional tool while being the most affordable option as well, when compared to the cost of traditional PRs and advertising.

Promote Your Brand

Promote your brand and build a long-lasting impression on your customers with our voice call marketing services. Build custom messages that end up leaving a strong impact on your customers.

You can try various combinations of messages until you get an understanding of which message works the best for your organization. We only want what is best for your organization. This is why we help you every step of the way.

A bulk Voice call can be a powerful tool for your business

With the internet-based world, you can easily communicate with your potential customers

  • Target customers in any part of India with an appropriate language and voice message.
  • A cloud telephony service reduces any additional fees and hefty charges.
  • Automate all calls, manage them easily and execute campaigns without a hitch.
  • Consider the availability of your audience when scheduling calls.
  • The system can store enormous databases. It does not require human interference.
  • Provide good connectivity for sending qualified voice recordings.
  • The complete setup is cloud based. Services are unaffected by location changes.
  • Using voice software, you can manage all of your communications from one place.
  • Audiences are more likely to hear a brand message through voice calls.
  • You can effectively interact with your customers by calling them.

Voice Call service Feature

Create the ideal voice experience for your customers. Boost conversions.

Voice Broadcasting

Promote the latest news, discounts, and sales to your audience, and increase your revenue.

Easy-to-use interface

Our robust and user-friendly platform allows you to make bulk voice calls easily.

Audience segmentation

Utilize multiple voice calls to target the audience based on the user persona.

Scheduling Voice Campaign

Make your calls at a specific time and date. You can set the system to send the calls automatically.

Multilingual support

For a wider audience, the software has customized language features.

Outstanding Support Team

Whenever our customers need help, our support staff is available around the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us clear your doubts and questions about the Bulk Voice Call / Voice SMS.

What is bulk voice call or voice SMS?

An automated voice message (prerecorded) is sent to an entire list of numbers of customers at one time. It is called voice broadcast or bulk voice call. Your reach will be widened, and your communication will be more effective.

How much time will it take to deliver a voice call?

It does quickly. Once you start a voice campaign, the voice call goes out quickly within seconds as we send more than a million voice calls each hour.

How can I do a bulk voice campaign?

To start a campaign

  • You must upload a voice message (pre-recorded) or you can convert text into voice using a text-to-speech tool.
  • Copy your numbers and paste them into the number box. Alternatively, you can upload an Excel file.
  • Select the number of retries(check box) if it is busy or out of reach. Press the send button and it is done.

How can I do voice broadcasting with key press response?

To start a campaign with key press response,

  • You must upload a voice message
  • Copy your numbers and paste them into the number box. Alternatively, you can upload an Excel file.
  • Select the number of retries(count box) if it is busy or out of reach. Press the send button and it is done.
  • You can see all the numbers that have keypressed in Keypress Report

What will be the validity conditions?

The service does not contain any validity clauses. Each package comes with lifetime validity.

What will be the pulse duration?

The duration of the pulse is 30 seconds or 15 seconds.

What are the benefits of voice broadcasting?

In addition to reaching a wider audience, it generates responses as well. The bulk voice call is incredibly cost-effective and saves you a lot of time. You can configure voice broadcasting with the keypress response tool. So listeners can show interest using keypress.

Who can do bulk voice call campaigns?

Anyone can do it who wants to promote their business, elections promotion, convey information to a huge audience, new business owner, company, organization, bank, telecom, etc. You can use voice broadcasting to reach a large number of clientele.

What is the cost of bulk voice calls?

Prices for voice SMS vary according to different plans. For pricing information, please check out our website or contact us so we can create a package to suit your needs.

What will be the charge for my voice calls?

Buzzdial will charge you only for connected voice calls.

How can I manage a huge list of numbers for bulk voice calls or SMS?

Certainly! Buzzdial is a cloud-based voice broadcasting platform. It handles a huge number list instantly. Lists can be managed and specifically targeted. This is all within your control.

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