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Voice call service is vital in various sectors, among them the education industry is prime. The Voice broadcast is the best way to communicate and convey your message to students, parents, teachers and relative staff. Voice call service is an automated voice method of delivering your pre-recorded voice message to thousands of students at once over the phone. It is important for signal quality to be maintained throughout the call when using this service. Making your message accessible to the audience is important for grabbing their attention.

What Can You Do With Voice Call Service For The Education?

Bulk voice call service provider is needed to facilitate the smooth operation of the education sector while meeting all of the student's needs. Provide students, faculty, and staff access to comprehensive e-learning from any location they choose. In this pandemic time of lockdown, the education industry needs to be continued in the same manner as regular schooling. Many institutions have taken voice broadcast as a part of their system to get in touch with students and parents.

  • Bulk Voice Call system and voice call API interface
  • Communications among students, teachers, and administrators
  • Voice campaign to keep informed about school events, news and holidays
  • An easy and quick way to send Voice messages to any student in the system
  • Keeping an audio record of communications

Uses of Voice Call Service for the Education industry


Voice Call

Voice call service will broadcast the same audio message to all students about holidays, results, meeting schedules, exam notifications, etc.

Missed call Service

Students, staff & administrators can mark their attendance by calling a missed call. Schools or institutes can set up to send education e-notes to students on missed calls, etc.

IVR Service

Education institutes can design their voice menu for students Eg. Press 1 for teachers, Press 2 for Fee Accounts, Press 3 for class timetable, Etc.

Advantage of Voice Call Service for The Education

Parents can stay in the loop

Schools and colleges can use voice call service to connect with parents at any time, regardless of the time of day. The easiest way to reach every parent is through this platform rather than contacting them individually. In this way, you can contact parents and inform them of their child's absence/presence, or notify them for upcoming events, i.e. outing tours, results meeting, and the like.

Admission Campaigns

Before the first day of an academic session is the best time to launch different voice campaigns. Promoting your institute as well as promoting admissions will result in higher admissions. Your marketing voice campaigns can be managed with the help of voice broadcast, including using different virtual numbers for each. you can make use of the bulk voice call service, which makes it much easier and quicker. The recipient can listen to the pre-recorded message in the call.

Notification to students

Voice call service is a superior method of school notification than emails. In the case of inclement weather or other unforeseen conditions, the school can send holiday voice messages to all students and parents in one click. Educators can also come in touch about extra classes or other extracurricular activities using this tool. Voice call message to all students and staff in a single click.

Voice Results Solution

It is no longer the case that the results are published in newspapers or posted on bulletin boards in schools. Now its webpage and internet website serve the result board. We still have problems getting results on slow internet connections. You can move one step forward with results through voice call service. Voice broadcasting has made it easier to transmit results directly to students and parents. Students are notified by voice message once their results are online and marks details are uploaded.

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