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Choose Advanced Voice Call Service because


Automobile industry is expanding its services into used vehicles, resale, online platforms, vehicle rentals, self-rented, etc.

Conventional communication is not easy with more customers. You can convey a voice message for new vehicle updates, service, offers, etc.

Dealerships can engage existing customers with voice messages. It enhances the after-purchase experience.

Used Cases of Voice Call Service for the Automotive industry

Voice Call alerts for updates

Use advanced proactive and quick voice call message delivery for updates to customers.

You can send an Automated Voice call when it's period to get service done for vehicles.


Voice Call Tracking & Recording

You can keep a recording of the voice calls. Recordings of phone calls can provide dealerships with information about their sales activity.

An examination of voice call recordings can provide important insights into sales practices.

Be Professional With Toll Free Number

Contact number itself makes a reputation for a firm. Toll free number starting 1800 boost brand recognition & grace.

Contacting you must not have to be a thinkable issue for the customer. It should always be free for customers. Contacting you will never cost the customer anything.


Anonymous Call: Number masking

Repeated voice call conversations with customers and dealerships are common in the sales process.

Number masking is a safeguard measure to make sure the privacy of agent and customer data.

Alternative to direct call, number masking allows a third party proxy phone number between agent and customer call.

IVR service for Customer Support

Customer Support is always a bank of queries and managed by different departments.

IVR will play a pre-recorded voice menu having a keypress option for every department.

Customer can directly reach the most suitable agent for his/her query using DTMF keypress technology.

Customers can know spare part availability, service charge, appointment, waiting status, etc without the help of agent.


After Sales Service

After sales service decides a standard of reliability for the brand.

Cloud telephony is easiest to keep in touch with customers for feedback, product reviews, service notifications, etc.

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