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Sticky Agent on a Voice Call Service enhances customer interaction experience


Voice Call with Sticky agent feature

Often do you fail to understand your customers' problems or to provide them with a satisfactory level of customer service on voice call? As these issues are quite common, you should not feel negatively that you are doing the wrong thing to get them, but plan your interaction with a Sticky Agent properly so that the experience is enhanced for the customer. If your customer is connected to a familiar agent every time they call, they can feel at ease, knowing they are speaking to someone who understands their request and their concern issues.


Voice Call without Sticky agent

Here's what the customer experience is with customer service that doesn't offer Sticky Agents

“Hey! I am experiencing the same issue that I mentioned yesterday. whether it is being solved?” said a Customer.

“I apologize, but what exactly is your problem sir, and to whom have you spoken about it? An executive said.

Customers will feel disconnected and he will continue to repeat his problem from time to time, each time he calls. This will lead to him feeling unsatisfied as a customer.

What is a Sticky Agent?

When your customer contacts you through enabled Sticky Agent on their first call, this feature ensures that they continue to be in touch with the same agent every time they call back. Customer prospects remain associated with the same agent for all future interactions. This way the customer doesn't have to explain the same query again.

Enhanced Calling experience
Quick Query Resolutions
Time Saving

Benefits of Sticky Agent

Reduces Call On-Holds

Holding on to callers is the worst! An agent from the company talks to the customer about the product. A customer is informed about the product by that agent, and the call is ended. Customer is redirected to the original agent via the sticky agent. This approach reduces hold time as the customer may speak directly with the agent that will better understand them versus waiting for the agent to reach out and search for them.

Problems don't have to be repeated

Customer calls are directly received by the same agent he called before, which minimizes the customer's work, as he does not have to explain his query again, as well as the agent knows too what the customer is looking for. A sticky agent is useful for keeping a connection between a customer and the same sales agent he talked to. The sales executive knows his client query better than any other sales executive in the team. Thus it will reduce the spread of the same quarry to other agents.

Fast query processing

Customers call you for their queries and problems. Daily agents get a lot of calls and have a burden to manage them. If there is no proper system to manage all the calls, most of them will go bust. But A sticky agent makes it simpler for the customer. Customer directly interacts with a known agent who had a query solving request. It makes query processing fast.

What is the need for a Sticky Agent on a Voice Call Service?

Building a relationship with customers is one of the major benefits of Sticky Agent that enhances customer interaction experiences. A customer gets a faster answer to their query if they speak with the same agent. This way, all interactions and communications for a query occur through the same agent. This improves resolution conversion rates.

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