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Text To Speech (TTS API)

Text To Speech (TTS) is technology that changes the medium of information. It enables digital texts into a voice speech format. TTS acts as an assistive tool for applications which need to convert text into voice format. The advancement of artificial technology enhances Text To Speech more human-like voice in real time conversion. Optical character recognition (OCR) is often used in conjunction with text-to-speech programs. This type of technology converts printed text into digital text by scanning it into a computer or handheld device. The text scanner is called a reading pen; they can read back text after scanning.

In day to day life Text To Speech (TTS API)

  • Text To Speech (TTS) technology reads digital text on computers, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Reading difficulties can be overcome with TTS.
  • Text messages turn into voice messages if the person is busy with other tasks, like driving.
  • Buzzdial’s TTS is available for every business platform.

A Buzzdial TTS will speak your language as fluently as a real live agent, and will use voices trained specifically for your use cases and dialogues. A key advantage of this text-to-speech technology is that it uses recurrent neural networks to produce a much more human-sounding voice.

  • The best possible experience for callers
  • Automating more phone calls reduced costs
  • Flexible, easy-to-update applications
  • Differentiate your brand with a custom voice experience

Text to Speech is Easy as pie with Buzzdial

Buzzdial TTS provides a consistent caller experience across your IVR and mobile channels and provides a unique voice for your brand. For high-quality self-service applications, Buzzdial TTS uses 50+ voice and language options and 20+ languages to create natural sounding speech. When you use TTS, you don't need voice talent, so your brand says what you want, whenever you need.

Buzzdial has been offering perfect Text-to-Speech technology for more than ten years. The technology we developed to produce natural speech is better at delivering challenging words than most people.

Benefits include:

  • We offer a wide variety of human-like voices
  • Increased verbal ability
  • Support for more languages
  • Automated text processing using AI
  • Custom voice personas are possible

Advantage of Text To Speech (TTS API) Solution by Buzzdial

AI Human like Voice

Artificial technology enhances TTS more human oriented voice.

Voice Settings

Control the timbre with the perfect delivery of your Indian accented voice.

Multiple Languages Support

TTS covers a list of languages. Choose your belonging business language

Voice Campaign Customization

Modulate the speech according to the nature of the campaign.

Set Reminders/Alerts

Schedule your TTS for coming dates, events and appointments.


Best price offerings, give you transparency in cost management

The Buzzdial Advantage

Take your Customer Experience to the Next level

Instant Setup

Service installation in a few minutes to begin your cutsomer calling in no time.

Best-in-Market Pricing

Buzzdial provides fully developed cloud telephony suites at the best market price.

Real-Time Reporting

Real time tracking of your call centre activities with our real-time reports and dashboards.

User-Friendly Portal

Makes call management and monitoring easy for the agents with a user-friendly portal.

CRM Integration

Service integration with CRM and get a holistic plus unified view of the customer data.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Buzzdial provides 99.99% SLA-backed uptime with the best and robust infrastructure.

API Webhook Integration

Innovative business solutions with webhook and other third party app integration.

Instant SMS Email Alerts

Instant SMS email notifications of the call that your agent misses.

Why Buzzdial

missed call service
Multi-Voice Services
Buzzdial is designed platform with the latest technology. We provide you with all the Cloud communication services i.e. Bulk Voice Call, Voice Broadcast, Voice API, IVR solutions, missed call, Voice OTP, Voice Message, number masking, etc.
Quick Set up
Grow your business without barriers on a platform that makes use of smart technology. Set up your voice services in 5 minutes. We do tailored services as Needed for the business platform.
Get CRM Integration
All leading CRMs are supported. Using a set of communication APIs, Webhooks, Zapier, etc. Platforms allow developers to quickly and easily integrate voice and calling features into their applications.
Customized Voice Services
Different business sectors have different voice call solution requirements. We provide custom voice solutions adapted to your business.
Generating sales leads
Engage your lead-making process with Automated voice services, voice campaigns and voice broadcast. Boot your business sales with different approaches to voice call service according to requirement.
24x7 Support
To serve businesses better, we offer 24x7 support. We provide real time problem solving with customer team and developer team for technical solutions

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