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IVR Service Provider for Business

Let your caller listen to a pre-recorded welcome audio using the IVR system and let them route calls on a key press. Get an IVR system for your business today.

Give your customers a mature experience of the IVR system on dialing an IVR number with a customised welcome tone. It plays your business information as pre-recorded audio without having to speak to a real agent. IVR system is an advanced automated telephone system that is used for handling incoming calls. It uses DTMF technology that allows for a call to be routed to specific departments when a key is pressed on the phone dialpad.

Serve Your Business Calling With IVR Solution

  • With the IVR system, incoming calls are automatically answered by a pre-recorded voice. Once the voice is played, the customer enters keypress inputs(using DTMF technology) that routes the IVR call to the best-suited agent.
  • IVR numbers can handle a lot of calls by integrating them into your telephony system. It reduces the human resources needed for call handling. This also enhances the routing processes of all incoming calls making the business phone process seamless.
  • IVR system will automate call forwarding to more suited agents with selected option of call forwarding as sequence, parallel, random or sticky agent. You can also easily integrate IVR without worry about the added infrastructure or cost.
  • Sticky Agent that assigns the same agent to the same caller if the call is made within a certain period of time, it saves time starting the talk right from where it was. When you add a sticky agent, your customers will not have to explain the same query or problem again every time they call.
  • The real-time IVR dashboard of Buzzdial allows for seamless tracking and monitoring of live calls.
  • All the calls between agents and caller will be recorded automatically and saved on cloud server for future reference.

Different Types of IVR Service

IVR systems are also called automated answering machines, hosted IVR and automated telephone information systems.

Single Level IVR System
  • It is a simple form of IVR system having different keypress options to route the call.
  • The routed call will directly connect to the service without having further options.
  • You can choose to get back to the main menu if you wish to.
  • Voice-IVR
Multi level IVR system
  • It is a nested IVR system. A keypress will route to the next level IVR options.
  • The routed call will directly lead to the next IVR that will have further options.
  • A call flow will be simplified by using multiple layers of IVR.
  • IVR

Best Designed IVR solution and Feature loaded CRM

  • Configure your departments, agents, Audio sounds through the CRM panel.
  • IVR panel allows you to Add pre recorded sounds into the crm, i.e welcome tune, busy tone, thank you call. You can also use default TTS which sounds great.
  • A call flow will be simplified by using multiple layers of IVR.
  • IVR system maintain online database of call records and call recordings

Why do you need an IVR Service for your Business?

Customised IVR solution

Buzzdial is a leading CPaaS Cloud IVR provider. You can tell us the IVR requirements of your business. We will provide you with an efficient service. You will get the sales and IT team if any tailoring of service is required.

Better customer experience

It is an automated IVR system with very low busy situations. We offer IVR features that help your customers reach the right person. A happier customer is one who is able to reach the right person more easily.

IVR tune solution

Using Buzzdial’s IVR service, you can record and manage your own audio that the caller will listen to. We also offer computerised audio and welcome tunes. By default you can also use Text to speech solutions.

Be Available 24x7

Customer support people work in particular shifts. What if someone calls late at night? It is not the case that every company offers 24x7 assistance. IVR can assist in such situations.

Increase Work Efficiency

With the IVR system, workload gets down from live agents. Some activities like knowing balance, product info, pricing, reporting, subscription etc can get done using IVR. With automating IVR systems, the process has become more efficient.

No language barrier

Customer care agents are dependent upon the language. You can personalise your IVR pre-recorded tune in regional language. You can give options for different languages.

Features of Buzzdial’s IVR System

Online Portal

Buzzdial offers you an online portal for your account. You can manage all the features, call logs, recordings and virtual agents.

Customised IVR menu

Connect customers to the right agent using IVR options and greet them with customized tune messages.

Tracking Call reports

Buzzdial offers you an online portal for your account. You can manage all the features, call logs, recordings and virtual agents.

Remote working

Buzzdial’s IVR is a completely cloud-based technology. You can work from anywhere, anytime, with portable IVR numbers on the cloud.

Conversation Recording

Monitor IVR quality and give better training to your employees by recording all calls to a secured cloud.

API integration

Integrate your CRM/PORTAL with Buzzdial’s IVR. Immediately see your customer's details and history whenever there is a call.

How does IVR service work for business?

Set up IVR number

You can change your business number into an IVR number or go for a new Toll free number.

Customer Call

Customers pick your number from Ad or website. Dials your IVR number reaches to you

IVR Call connected

Dialers will start listening to the welcome tune and IVR menu. Dialers have options to choose through DTMF keypress.

Keypress routing

Customer will press the key on the phone dial pad. sThe call gets transferred to the selected department.


Never Miss Any Call With IVR Service

Greet your customers IVR with personalized audio & record every conversation

Sticky Agents

Sticky Agent is a feature that allows a customer to speak to the same sales representative repeatedly, thus simplifying the process for both parties. Read More

Live call Transfer

An agent can transfer a live call from one agent to another, or to a team of agents, using live call transfer as a Buzzdial ivr feature. Read More

Complex IVR

Buzzdial takes Customer Experience to the next level with the right IVR technology. We can do a lot more with IVR to simplify your complex call center requirements. Read More

Click To Call

An agent can transfer a live call from one agent to another, or to a team of agents, using live call transfer as a Buzzdial ivr feature. Read More

Why should you choose Buzzdial’s IVR service?

We make it simple, get your IVR number as toll free number for premium customers

Instant Setup

With our modern IVR, you can start interacting with your customers in just minutes.

Best-in-Market Pricing

We offer highly advanced cloud telephony solutions at competitive rates, customizing plans to fit your specific needs

Real-Time Reporting

With our real-time reports and dashboards, you can track your call activities in real time.

User-Friendly Portal

A user-friendly portal simplifies call management and monitoring for agents.

CRM Integration

To get a real-time, unified view of the customer data, the IVR can be integrated with third-party CRMs and other tools.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

With our robust infrastructure, Buzzdial promises 99.99% SLA-backed uptime.

API & Webhook

Integrate third-party apps and webhooks for innovative business solutions.

SMS & Email Notifications

For various events such as missed calls, your agent and you are immediately notified by SMS and email

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IVR?

A voice response system is known as an IVR. Pre-recorded voice menus are played by an automated phone system. Upon receiving an incoming call, the system automatically routes it. For instance, "Press 1 to enter ABC, and 2 to enter ABC, and 9 to reach the main menu." It enables efficient call routing and provides excellent customer service. A dedicated resource is not necessary for simpler questions and requests, as it works as intended.

Using IVR, every call is answered immediately, and the right executive is assigned without any apparent lag time. Technical and complex questions can be handled by customer service representatives at greater length. Having this information at their fingertips enables executives to respond to calls efficiently. By recording calls, providing information, generating reports, and keeping track of past enquiries, the IVR system improves customer service performance.

Yes, Your existing number can be converted into an IVR, it just requires diverting all your calls to your buzzdial number and you are ready to go.

For a free trial of Buzzdial, click here. We will offer you a free 7-day trial of the IVR call system and a demo of it. Here you will get a chance to see all the capabilities and features that regular premium IVR comes with.

The cost of IVR varies from business to business based on volume. An IVR system's price varies based on several factors, including the number of executives, the number of calls, the features needed, and the complexity of the system. We also have standard IVR plans available. You can check those for pricing or call Buzzdial at +91-9999-706-864 today for best IVR rates.

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