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What is Webhook?

Webhook is a link between applications for data passing. Webhook are user-defined Web Callback, HTTP Push API or Reverse API callbacks. A web application can send information in real-time to another application when a specific event occurs. They automatically execute certain events in a web application and can facilitate the integration of applications or third-party APIs for data passing, like Buzzdial.

You can enable webhook in your Buzzdial application to send (or 'push') data to your application portal on as soon as an event occurs. In this sense, webhook are often called "reverse APIs," due to their one-way data transmission.

Example:- If you have launched a Voice/SMS campaign on Buzzdial. All the processing, received and failed would be available on our portal. You could access all campaign data on your application in real time with the integration of Webhook HTTP Push API callback.

Webhook & API

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a code program that lets two software programs communicate with each other. An API integration makes two-way data communication between applications that trigger by requests. While a webhook is a compact API which makes one way dasta sharing triggered by events. A webhook can be considered an API that is triggered by events.


Although webhooks are real-time events, perhaps it might look like it will be difficult to integrate. The main benefit of webhook is that it apply with fewer resources than APIs and are easier to deploy. Sometimes APIs are complex programs that require as much expertise as developing applications themselves.

Webhook’s Unforeseen problem

Few things need to be taken care of few things while setting up webhook:

  • Webhook sends statistics to linked applications and may stop follow up after the request is done. This results in loss of data figures if an application error happened. A duplicate record might exist in your app if your app processed the request and still sent an error.

  • Webhook can make numerous requests. Ensure the application can handle the anticipated number of requests for the webhook.

Abstract: webhook are becoming increasingly popular and play a crucial role in the statistics data transfer. Data can be transferred between applications instantly and seamlessly through these tools.

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