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Cloud Based IVR Solutions

By intelligently identifying, segmenting, and routing the calls to the agents, Cloud Based IVR solutions also minimize agent overloads.

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Cloud Based IVR Service Providers in India

Buzzdial is India's top most Cloud Based IVR Service Provider in India that offers single and multi-level IVR solutions in India . A new technology called IVR has replaced the old EBPX system wherein operators used to manage calls for different tasks, such as receiving calls, transferring calls, but now with modern technologies you can perform all of these tasks without an operator.

Advanced Features of Cloud Based IVR Service

Cloud based ivr service

Call Masking

Ensure privacy between you and your customers by hiding your private number behind a virtual number.
cloud based ivr solution

Automatic Call Routing

Get input about the customer's requirements, and routes call automatically to the correct department.
cloud based ivr solution

Call Recording

Keep your customer's call recording to resolve on-call disputes and train your team with these tapes.
cloud based ivr solution

Sticky Agent

Invest in an IVR and reduce the human error rate with this business process's voice greeting inculcation.
cloud based ivr solution

Call Tracking

Also, track your business calls and get a detailed analytical report about the missed and received calls all day.
Missed Call Service Provider in India

Virtual Receptionist

Invest in an IVR and reduce the human error rate with this business process's voice greeting inculcation.

Benefits of Cloud Based IVR Solutions

Make your Call professional

Play a professional welcome message on your business phone; An Cloud Based IVR Solutions can also help personalize customer greetings in regional languages. Standardize customer service: IVRs help automate basic and generic customer inquiries; Using an IVR, you can resolve many customer inquiries without interacting with the customer service representative.

What is an IVR?

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a cloud telephony solution where a professional automated voice greets the callers every time. It routes calls to the correct departments depending upon the callers' input. Also, callers drop a voicemail note after working hours.

Increase first contact resolution

IVR significantly improves first contact resolution because callers are always directed to the agent who can best meet their needs or the relevant department. The agent who receives the call will be more able to answer the caller's problem and be less likely to pass the call to other agents. Increase the efficiency of customer service Agents working in an organization that uses an IVR are more competent at solving specific problems and meeting the clients' particular needs. The result is an increase in the efficiency of customer service.

Handling a high volume of calls

Cloud Based IVR Solutions help companies to take a high volume of calls. Callers can be routed directly to the correct department. Prioritize customer calls - IVRs allow you to prioritize customer calls based on customer inquiry. This way, you will never lose a high-value customer due to slow response time or customer service deficiency.

Reduce operating costs

Cloud Based IVR Solutions will replace a receptionist or customer service agent who answers calls and directs them to agents. They're also very affordable, increase efficiency, and lower operating costs, so the ROI is enormous. Increase professionalism With the Cloud Based IVR Solutions, you can also greet your customers very professionally and make it seem like you have more departments and employees than you have.

Increase customer satisfaction.

When your IVR is easy plus reliable, it will never direct your customers to the wrong department or an agent who can't solve their problems. Increase the efficiency of agents and the company Agents who work at a business with an IVR are more adept at addressing specific issues, are less likely to consult with colleagues or a manager, and are also less likely to transfer the call to another agent. It turns into a significant rise in the efficiency of agents and companies.


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